Tent on a Hill

Ever turned to your partner in crime in the midst of wedding planning and said I just want a beautiful paddock, with big views and privacy, not too far from the city? Well this is it, you’ve just hit the jackpot.

It’s the kind of venue where you can picture yourself barefoot watching the sun go down with a glass of beautiful local wine in your hand and a belly full of delicious seafood paella.

Tent on a Hill isn’t your everyday event space, it’s not even close. Tent on a Hill is set on a secluded 10 acre bush and farming block. It offers a romantically raw Australian experience overlooking the lush vines of the McLaren Vale wine region.

Offered as a dry hire venue your options are entirely your own, in terms of set-up, catering and beverages. Bring in that seductive clear marquee, big open tipi tent, or simply have a beautiful unplugged dinner under the stars. Roll in the food trucks or lock in a remote caterer to serve you a gourmet plated menu, that’s entirely your choice.

Whilst there is no power or water connection, these days with whisper quiet generators and a good selection of fully self-sufficient vendors easy to source (think bar vans, food trucks, optioned up ensuites) booking a beautiful paddock such as this isn’t that hard.

This venue allows you to create an experience your guests will never forget right down to their accommodation. Sure the venue is only 40 minutes from the city and 10 minutes from the heart of McLaren Vale, but if you’re all about doing something different then why not have your guests stay the night on site? Tent on a Hill, as you may have already guested by some of the images and well really, the name, offers glamping options on site. Two beautifully styled queen sized bell tents are available to book and the team also work very closely with an exclusive provider who can provide you with a whole village if you need. Just make sure you don’t leave the best man to the BBQ breakfast duties.

And then, of course, there is the view, we have so much to say about this view but to be honest nothing we can say will do it justice. It really is one of the best views you’ll get of the McLaren Vale region and it’s so big the panorama function on your camera will run out before you get it all in. When you’re standing here watching the sunset you’ll know what we mean.

So feeling brave and adventurous? Get in touch with us to learn more about this unique VENYU exclusive. ❤️

REAL BLOG: https://venyu.com.au/henspartyatentonahill/




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