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In 2015 the unthinkable happened. My beautiful little sister and her fiancé were told three weeks before their big day that they had been double booked. They no longer had a wedding venue for their special day which was to be shared with more than a hundred of their closest family and friends. As anyone who has ever planned a big event or even a wedding would know this is a catastrophic discovery at any stage of the planning let alone so close to the day. My immediate reaction – jump into over protective sister mode and try to ‘solve this’.

It was at that time of need that I realised there was no easy way to find an alternative, no comprehensive list of venues let alone any way of narrowing the search by their size requirements. In the end we cold called 90 different venues with no suitable alternative. Just as we were about to cancel the wedding we expanded the search looking up to 60 minutes drive away from their original booking location and eventually 115 venues later we found something that was large enough and available for their day.

It shouldn’t be this hard.

And with this VENYU started to take shape.

VENYU is a digital disruptive that streamlines the way couples select their wedding venue.

VENYU provides couples access to the ultimate decision making tool, a platform for search, comparison and selection of wedding venues. Users are able to efficiently shortlist venues that suit their preferences using functionality and search refinement – something not currently offered by any other site. All the while, being inspired and drawn into the experience by emotive imagery and a user-friendly interface.


  • 2016 People’s Choice Award, New Venture Institute, Flinders University
  • 2017 Runner-up, Australia Post Regional Pitchfest Competition
  • 2018 Winner Young Entrepreneur Business Plan Award, Business SA


As a professional event manager, Melissa Little has planned hundreds of weddings, exclusive boutique events for international corporates, celebrity birthday celebrations and large public events throughout South Australia, Queensland, Sydney and Dubai.

Since graduating university with a Bachelor in Management (Marketing), and never shy of a challenge, Melissa has been fortunate to work on world class events in beautiful locations and meet some of the best in the business. Her extensive experience in project management, corporate business partnerships, marketing, communication and events are perfectly befitting for the innovation that is VENYU.

Her hint of craziness? That was something she was born with, and led her to throw-in a stable and financially rewarding government job to pursue this venture.

The rest of the story, well that requires a glass of wine, which fortunately living in the world class wine region of McLaren Vale is never too difficult to find…

Melissa Little Founder of VENYU
Melissa Little Founder of VENYU with Chooks SA
Melissa Little Founder of VENYU