Glen Lea Homestead Styled Shoot, Historic Dry Hire Wedding Venue in the Adelaide Hills. A rustic farm setting now available for ceremonies and receptions.
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25 Questions to Ask Your Venue

“We got engaged!! But now what?” is something we at VENYU hear a lot.

Ok yes, the wedding planning process can be daunting – not everyone is an event planner. So what else do you need to know about your potential venue (other than if they have your date available)? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

The answer is: Questions, questions, and more questions! Seriously, in this industry no question is a stupid one. Knowledge really is power.

Of course there is the obvious #1 question that you should ask when researching – the venue hire fee and/or indicative costings. Everyone has a budget and you will need to know price to judge whether it is the right venue or not.

But what else? We have put together our top 25 questions to ask the venue to help decide if it’s the one for you.

1. Is the hire fee different for mid-week or winter dates?

2. Does the venue allow us to hold both ceremony and reception on-site?

3. What is the deposit and when is this due?

4. What is the cancellation policy?

5. Do we have exclusive use of the venue or are there other weddings?

6. Is there flexibility in table layout?

7. Is there a wedding coordinator, and will they be available on the day?

8. Do you have a list of suggested/preferred suppliers?

9. Is there an inclement weather contingency plan?

10. Is there a private space if we need some alone time or want to store personal items?

11. Where can guests park, and is there accessible parking available?



12. What time can we access the venue on the day?

13. Can we have access to the venue prior to the day for rehearsal/set up?

14. Will the venue liaise with suppliers for setup?

15. What time is last drinks/curfew?



16. Does the venue have its own décor inventory?

17. Are there any restrictions on styling the space?



18. Does the venue have its own sound system/mic?

19. Are there any noise restrictions?

20. What can be used on site e.g. marquees, DJ/band, photo booth, games, dancefloor?

21. What items are banned from use e.g. confetti/candles/poppers/sparklers/smoke machine/dry ice?


Chateau Apollo, rustic industrial wedding venue in the heart of Adelaide's CBD.

Chateau Apollo, Adelaide. Photo by Jack Fenby.


22. What are the catering options?

23. Can we BYO food or beverages/vendors?

24. Is there a minimum charge for food and beverages (if offered)?



25. Is there accommodation on site, and is this only available for the couple?


We’re sure you’ll come up with more, but we hope this helps to get the ball rolling.

If you have already chosen your venue because you fell in love with it immediately (believe us, this happens more often than you think), then many of these questions will help you to communicate with your celebrant and suppliers, making the process much easier from the start. Who said weddings were stressful?

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